Hengkai Technology-Focus on Data Collection and Motion Control for 10 Years

A、SCM R&D engineer

1. Responsible for the development of single-chip microcomputer programs, writing the corresponding driving code; 2. Undertaking the provisions of the software program and plan, completing the flow chart, logic program and implementation; 3. Responsible for completing the program writing, debugging, testing, etc. 4. Responsibility Strong heart, active and diligent in work; 5. Assist other engineers to complete product development.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in computer, communication, automation, electronics and other related majors, more than one year of MCU project development experience; 2. Proficient in C language programming; 3. Ability to develop 51 series and STM32 embedded series MCU projects; 4 、Having the ability to analyze and solve problems independently and enterprising spirit of cooperation.


B. FPGA development engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in project requirements analysis and summary design; 2. Complete the detailed design of the project independently; 3. Responsible for FPGA code writing, simulation, debugging, verification, etc.; 4. Perform program unit and function tests to correct defects in the software and ensure Its quality; 5. Compile project R&D documents.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above; 2. More than 3 years of FPGA development work experience, can independently complete functional module development; 3. Communication, electrical and electronic engineering, computer or related major graduation; 4. Familiar with FPGA design and development process, ALTERA and XINLINX Have a deeper understanding of FPGA devices of other companies; 5. Proficient in hardware description languages such as VeriLog, familiar with related simulation software; 6. Have the experience of leading the team to develop products or have developed high-speed data acquisition products; 7. Good English level , Be proficient in reading English R&D materials;


C. PCB design engineer

Responsibilities: 1. College degree or above, electronics related major; 2. 2 years or above related working experience, with more than 4 layers of PCB board design experience; 3. PCB design tool software is usually used; skilled Gerber file output; 4. Proficient in PCB design rules, familiar with EMC, RF design, etc. 5. Familiar with PCB production and SMT process; 6. Have good communication, teamwork ability, full of enthusiasm and good sense of responsibility;


D. Sales engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Can independently conduct market development, product demonstration and communication, and provide program guidance to customers; 2. Master the basic use of acquisition cards and motion control cards, which can accurately and timely analyze and solve specific problems for customers;

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, majors in computer, communication, automation, electronics, etc., more than one year of working experience in automation control;

2. Will use LABVIEW, C#, VC, matlab, delphi, python and other basic programming languages, can develop simple small programs, can read and understand the code function;

3. Solid basic knowledge of digital electrical, with certain hardware design background, able to design simple control circuits.

4. Have good communication skills and good patience

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