Hengkai Technology-Focus on Data Collection and Motion Control for 10 Years

Zhengzhou Hengkai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    It is a high-tech company integrating independent research and development, production, sales and service. It mainly develops motion control chips, motion control cards, and various data acquisition cards based on PC.

    The existing motion control chip HMC80X3A series has 2--4 axis independent stepper motor and servo motor control. The maximum output of each axis is 9.8Mpps. Each axis can independently run back to the origin, low-speed continuous, high-speed continuous (this mode can adjust the speed) , Linear acceleration and deceleration or S-type acceleration and deceleration, any 2-4 axis linear interpolation movement, multiple chips can be started or stopped synchronously. Each axis has an independent 32-bit logical position counter and an independent 32-bit quadrature encoder counter. Universal 8-bit address bus + 8-bit data bus + read-write control line access interface, C51, AVR, MSP430, STM32 and other series of single-chip microcomputers can easily access the internal registers of the motion control chip through the IO port, only a short single-chip microcomputer Control instructions can achieve complex linear, S acceleration and deceleration movements, and linear interpolation movements.

    The motion control chip HMC80X5A series adds any two-axis circular interpolation function to the HMC80X3A series.The user only needs to specify the start and end coordinates of the arc segment with (0,0) as the center of the circle, and specify clockwise or counterclockwise Orientation is sufficient to achieve any circular arc interpolation movement.

    In addition, Hengkai Technology will successively launch 2--8 axis motion control cards and motion controllers with PCI\PCIE, Ethernet and other interfaces.

    At the same time, Hengkai Technology has developed various data acquisition cards based on USB\PCI\PCIe\485\Ethernet interface, including synchronous and non-synchronous acquisition cards, IO cards, etc.

     Our goal is to be based on the forefront of motion control technology and data acquisition technology, give full play to our advantages in product development and manufacturing, and provide professional users with high-quality and economical product solutions with professional technology. It is widely used in photoelectricity, environment, electric power, medical equipment, communication and other fields. We provide users with the most extensive selection of data acquisition equipment, from desktop to portable to plug-in. You can choose the data acquisition product suitable for your application according to the bus type: USB, PCI, PC104, 485, Ethernet. While dedicating to hardware development and production, it also provides a variety of measurement software. Users can easily use VC, LabVIEW, MATLAB and other language platforms to quickly build rich under various operating systems such as WindowsXP, Win7, Win8, Win10, WinCE, Linux, etc. Personalized measurement system.

     At present, with the expansion of the company's product research and development and the expansion of sales scale, product sales are all over the country and exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and the United States and other regions. Business partners are welcome to come to discuss cooperation, we wholeheartedly tailor the best data acquisition software and hardware system solutions for you.

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